Bargaining Sessions

The University presented its cost analysis of the Union’s revised proposals. The University suggested mediation.

The University presented a revised proposal on Health Benefits.  The Union presented a package of revised proposals, including on Health Benefits, Fee Waivers, and Compensation.

The Union caucused for the duration of the scheduled session. The parties agreed to meet again on March 30, 2021.

The University presented enhancements to the EOAA appeals process to address the Union’s request for an independent, third-party review of EOAA determinations.

The University and the Union continued negotiations.

The University and the Union continued negotiations. 

The Union walked out on the bargaining session and declared a strike.

Interim Provost Ira Katznelson joined for part of the bargaining session. 

The University discussed the impending strike deadline and its commitment to respect the right of students in the bargaining unit to strike while exercising its right to not pay those who decline to work.

The University presented substantially revised proposals on Recognition, Benefits, and Compensation, and a side letter on minimum hourly rates.

The Union presented revised proposals on Health Benefits and Appointment Guarantee and a revised package proposal on Recognition, Fee and Tuition Waivers and Compensation.

The parties reached a tentative agreement on Leaves of Absence.

The parties reached a tentative agreement on Child Care.

The parties continued to discuss Leaves of Absence.

The University presented revised proposals on Leaves of Absence and Child Care.