Grad Student Strike Authorization Vote Begins

A upper corner of Columbia's Low Library, a neo-classical building. Blue sky is in the background.

On March 2, Columbia University graduate students began a vote for strike authorization. What does this mean? Read below for more information.

Why is the Union taking a strike vote while the Framework Agreement is still in effect?

The Union plans to hold a strike authorization vote with its members in early March so that they are ready to strike at any time after the no-strike clause expires. This is not uncommon in other negotiations with unions. Read more about the Framework Agreement here.

What happens if there is no final agreement between the University and the graduate student union, GWC-UAW, by April 6?

On April 6 the no-strike clause of the Framework Agreement will expire. While we hope we will have reached an agreement by then, the University and the union can continue to bargain with the understanding that a strike could occur at any time.

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