Leaves of Absence

The Union proposes that student employees shall be entitled to leave at regular pay, with all benefits and Appointments retained and extended during leaves, including the following specific leave rights: not less than five (5) business days of paid sick and safe leave per incident; 12 weeks of paid leave for salaried student employees for reasons related to parenting, care of a family member, medical or mental health, and disability; 4 business days of paid bereavement leave per loss and additional bereavement leave in appropriate circumstances.

The University’s proposal reiterates that leaves available to students shall not be impacted by the Agreement. Student Employees shall remain eligible for Parental Accommodation (12 weeks without loss of funding), unpaid personal leave, and medical leave in accordance with the University’s established policies for doctoral students. In addition, the University proposal provides that Student Employees shall be granted up to three (3) days of bereavement leave and additional bereavement leave in appropriate circumstances.  Student Employees also will be provided with a reasonable number of days of sick leave per semester without reduction in stipend and/or remuneration, which shall not be less than that provided by the New York City Earned Sick and Safe Time Act.  Student Employees may be eligible for leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) and the New York State Paid Family Leave Program.