The Tentative Agreement provides changes to EOAA processes and procedures, including an appeal to a trained, independent appellate officer from outside the University.

The University will establish, with input from an advisory group including GWC-UAW, a pool of independent Appellate Officers from outside the University to hear appeals from EOAA determinations.  The scope of appeals will include three additional grounds: the investigator had a conflict of interest or bias affecting the outcome; there were disputed issues or questions concerning interpretation of University policy affecting the outcome; and the Complainant’s allegations were substantiated, but the proposed changes to working conditions are insufficiently protective of Complainant or unnecessarily disruptive. Revisions to the EOAA investigative process and procedures provide that interviews of the parties and witnesses will be recorded and made available to the parties; the parties will have the right to inspect, review, and respond to the evidence prior to the conclusion of the EOAA investigation; and the parties may review the investigative report when complete.