Points of View

Read selected news and opinion pieces about student unionization.

What happens when the union's views aren't yours? Columbia Spectator (Published 1 December 2016)

Engineering and Applied Science faculty are deeply concerned about student unionization Columbia Spectator (Published 2 December 2016)

Numbers bring a different perspective to the unionization debate Columbia Spectator (Published 20 October 2016)

Graduate workers will be paying more than dues for unionization Columbia Spectator (Published 6 October 2016)

Barnard contingent faculty union negotiations remain stalled in midst of strike authorization vote Columbia Spectator (Published 2 December 2016)

Vote "No" to the Harvard Graduate Student Union, "Yes" to More Discussion The Harvard Crimson (Published 16 November 2016)

Students Opposing Unionization Escalate Activity As Vote Nears The Harvard Crimson (Published 14 November 2016)

Graduate Students: CGSU Coerces Members With 'Emotional Blackmail' The Cornell Daily Sun (Published 13 November 2016)

Six Arguments Graduate Student Unionization: A Critical Approach. Arguments against the Unionization of Graduate Students at Harvard (4 November 2016)

Bollinger discusses Manhattanville, unionization at graduate fireside chat Columbia Spectator (Published 26 October 2016)

University to Give Thousands of Students' Information to Labor Board Columbia Spectator (Published 26 October 2016)

'At What Cost' Group Challenges Unilateral Actions, Exclusivity of Grad Student Union Campaign The Cornell Daily Sun (Published 25 October 2016)

Welcome to At What Cost At What Co$t (Published 17 October 2016)

Graduate Student Assembly rejects Local 33 The Yale Daily News (Published 6 October 2016)

Editorial: Questions on graduate student unionization The Daily Princetonian (Published 4 October 2016)

Summary of Union Grievances at NYU and Yale Office of Legal Counsel, University of Chicago (Published 29 September 2016)

Undergrads Uncertain About Unionization The Harvard Crimson (Published 20 September 2016)

Forum: Yale graduate students receive free education, health care, and stipends New Haven Register (Published 10 September 2016)

NLRB's Columbia Decision Marks New Federal Encroachment on Campuses Huffington Post (Published 9 September 2016) 

Against a Graduate Union Yale Daily News (Published 9 September 2016)

Why I Oppose Unionization of Graduate Students Yale Daily News (Published 9 September 2016)

Grad Student Unionization: Unmanageable Quagmire or Elegant Distinction? Inside Higher Ed (Published 8 September 2016)

NLRB's Graduate-Assistant Ruling: Bad News for Administrators and Students The Chronicle of Higher Education (Published 7 September 2016)

Beyond Bargaining: Consequences of NLRB's Graduate Students Decision Huffington Post (Published 29 August 2016)

The Faculty Logic of the NLRB College Student Unionization Ruling Forbes (Published 25 August 2016)