Keep Informed on the Unionization Debate

Read information relevant to issues raised about the status of teaching and research assistants.

Points of View

Read a selection of news and opinion pieces about unionization.

Communicating with Students During the Time Leading to a Union Election

Faculty are considered to be managers and are bound by the rules of the National Labor Relations Board governing communications between managers and employees during the election process. Learn more about communicating with students during the time leading to a union election.

Who Can Vote

Read the regional director's supplemental decision and direction of election, with details about who is eligible to vote in the election on Dec. 7 and 8.

Letter About Decision and Direction of Election

Read Provost Coatsworth's letter to the Columbia community regarding the National Labor Relations Board scheduling of a union election on Dec. 7 and 8. 

What we know. And what we don't about bringing a union to Columbia.

Read Provost Coatsworth's letter regarding unionization.

We have worked to earn your trust

Read Provost Coatsworth's letter regarding unionization, sent to students December 5, 2016.

Statement from Provost John Coatsworth

Read Provost Coatsworth's statement, shared with the Columbia community on December 9

More Information

Letter from the Provost in Response to NLRB Decision

Provost Coatsworth responds to the NLRB decision in a letter to the Columbia community.

The Importance of Voting

Read Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean Carlos Alonso’s letter on the importance of voting.

Hearings on the Implications of Unionization

Read transcripts of past Columbia University Senate student caucus hearings on unionization. 

Rules of Conduct

NLRA Section 7 rights and the Rules of University Conduct.

Engineering Graduate Council Holds Town Hall

Engineering graduate students discussed student unionization on September 21, 2016.

NLRB Decision

The National Labor Relations Board announced their decision in this case on August 23, 2016.

Amicus Brief

Nine of Columbia's peer schools filed an amicus brief in this case.

Columbia Brief

The daily activities and the advisor-advisee relationships involved in the scholarly training of students define an experience that is different from that of the typical workplace.

New York University Collective Bargaining Agreement

NYU is the only private university with a graduate student union.

Decision on Objections

The NLRB responds to Columbia's filing of objections and schedules a hearing.