Tentative Agreement Highlights

Tentative Agreement Highlights


The Tentative Agreement provides changes to EOAA processes and procedures, including an appeal to a trained, independent appellate officer from outside the University. Read more.

Child Care

The Tentative Agreement provides for an increased child care subsidy for PhD Student Employees of $4,000 per year per child under the age of five and not yet attending kindergarten. Read more.


The Tentative Agreement establishes, effective August 1, 2021, a uniform minimum total support level during guaranteed years for PhD Student Employees on twelve-month appointments of $42,350, pro-rated for shorter appointments (e.g., $31,763 for nine-month appointments), increasing annually at a minimum of 3 percent. Read more.

Union Dues, Activity, and Access

Student Employees appointed to a position covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement may elect to join the Union and pay dues or may choose to pay agency fees to the Union. Read more.

Health and Dental Benefits

The Tentative Agreement provides, effective August 15, 2021, that the University shall establish a Student Employee Support Fund in the amount of $200,000, increasing to $225,000 in the second year of the Agreement, and to $250,000 in the third year. Student Employees may apply for reimbursement of out-of-pocket medical, dental, and vision expenses from the Fund. Read more.

Leaves of Absence

The Tentative Agreement provides that Student Employees on salaried appointments may request sick leave of up to two weeks for their own serious health condition or that of a parent, spouse, or child, or immediate family member.   In addition, PhD Student Employees will be eligible for Parental Accommodation for a twelve (12) week period, pursuant to the University’s established policies for Doctoral Students. Read more.

Discipline and Discharge

The Tentative Agreement provides that the discipline or discharge of a Student Employee that results from conduct that relates to the job performance of the Student Employee, shall be only for just cause.  Decisions about academic standing or dismissal shall be at the University’s sole discretion, and shall not be subject to grievance or arbitration. Read more.

Vacation/Holidays/Personal Days

The Tentative Agreement provides that Student Employees on 12-month research and teaching appointments are entitled to ten (10) days of vacation time off per year, and Student Employees who hold a teaching appointment for two (2) consecutive semesters in an academic year are entitled to eight (8) days of vacation time off. Read more.


The Tentative Agreement provides that a Student Employee shall receive an Appointment Letter no later than thirty (30) calendar days in advance of the start of the appointment, whenever possible.  Doctoral students beyond their guaranteed funding period will be notified regarding funding for an appointment no later than ninety (90) calendar days in advance for the fall semester, and no later than thirty (30) days in advance of the spring semester and summer session. Read more.

International Student Employees

The Tentative Agreement provides that in cases where a Student Employee is unable to return to the United States as a result of their immigration status, and for reasons outside of their reasonable control, the University shall make reasonable efforts to arrange for the Student Employee to continue to perform their duties remotely outside the United States, for a limited period of time, subject to legal restrictions. Read more.