Who Can Vote

The National Labor Relations Board regional director's Order Approving Modification of Supplemental Decision and Direction of Election provides details about who is eligible to vote in the election on Dec. 7 and 8.

Per the decision, the bargaining unit consists of:

  • All student employees who provide instructional services, including graduate and undergraduate Teaching Assistants (Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows, Preceptors, Course Assistants, Readers and Graders);
  • All Graduate Research Assistants (including those compensated through Training Grants); and
  • All Departmental Research Assistants employed by the Employer at all of its facilities, including Morningside Heights, Health Sciences, Lamont-Doherty and Nevis facilities.

Excluded: All other employees, guards and supervisors as defined in the Act.

Eligible to vote will be all bargaining unit employees who:

  1. hold an appointment or a training grant in a unit position in the fall semester 2016, or
  2. are course assistants, graders or readers who are on the casual payroll and who worked an average of 15 hours per week or more in a unit position in the fall 2016 semester through the date of the Supplemental Decision and Direction of Election

  3. have held a unit position for either the fall, spring or summer during the prior academic year.