Post-Election Update

Letter from the Provost

Provost Coatsworth explains why the University asked the NLRB to examine election conduct.

Engineering Students Raise Concerns Over Union Conduct

The Spectator writes about the concerns of engineering students over voting procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specifically is a union in the U.S.?

Learn more about bargaining units and who they represent.

What is the election process?

Read about the election process and who can vote.

Could students “opt out” of the union by not voting?

Learn more about who is affected by the election and the bargaining unit.


Statement from Provost John Coatsworth

Read Provost Coatsworth's statement, shared with the Columbia community on December 9

A Recent Hearing Decision

Read the hearing officer's report and recommendations on objections.

Exceptions to Hearing Officer's Report
NLRB Decision

Read the National Labor Relations Board decision in its entirety.

Decision on Objections

The NLRB responds to Columbia's filing of objections and schedules a hearing.

Letter from the Provost in Response to NLRB Decision

Provost Coatsworth responds to the NLRB decision in a letter to the Columbia community.

The Importance of Voting

Read Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean Carlos Alonso’s letter on the importance of voting.

For Faculty and Managers

Faculty are bound by NLRB rules governing communications between managers and employees during the election process. Learn more about communicating with students.

More Information

Read the legal briefs in this case, the NYU contract, and other helpful documents.

Post-Hearing Briefs

Read the briefs submitted by the University and the GWC-UAW Local 2110.